Below are some of the things I focus on in Unreal Engine.

︎You can watch my official Unreal Engine Online Learning course on cinematic lighting here

Cinematic Photorealism
Raytraced Lighting for the Cinematic Aesthetic
Using Camera Actors to Emulate Real World Cameras

Real-Time Rendering & HQ Movie Export
In-Editor Optimizations
ACES workflow in UE

Pre-Vis to “You Name It-Vis”
Full Content Creation Solution
Unreal Engine Cinematic Supervision
Virtual Camera Rig
VR Scouting

Collaborative Workflows
Multi-User Sessions 
Perforce & Source Control Pipeline

Kit-Bashing / World Building
V.A.D Supervision
Quixel Megascans

Sequencer & Control Rig
Cinematic workflows with Sequencer
Managing Multiple Levels and Lighting Setups

Ndisplay / LED Volume Workflows
Non Raytraced Lighting Conversion for Volume Loads
Lightmass Global Illumination & other optimizations