Here are some of the things I focus on in Unreal Engine:

Cinematic Photorealism
Raytraced Lighting for the Cinematic Aesthetic
Using Camera Actors to Emulate Real World Cameras

Real-Time Rendering & HQ Movie Export
In-Editor Optimizations
Exporting Workflow for Efficient Color Grading

Full Content Creation Solution
Unreal Engine Cinematic Supervision
Custom Virtual Camera Rig
HTC Vive Pro Base Stations & Vive Tracker

Collaborative Workflows
Multi-User Sessions & VR Scouting
Perforce & Source Control Pipeline

Kit-Bashing / World Building
Virtual Environment Building
Quixel Megascans

Cinematic workflows with Sequencer
Managing Multiple Levels and Lighting Setups

Ndisplay / LED Volume Workflows
Non Raytraced Lighting Conversion for Volume Loads
Lightmass Global Illumination