Some of my previous VFX work ︎︎︎
Past clients include: Apple Music, NASA, Western Union, Vivo, & 20th Century Fox.

It’s no secret that my adoption of Unreal Engine as a Virtual Production tool is directly tied to my background in visual effects.  Since my cinematic education began as a self taught compositor (what’s up Andrew Kramer), my roots as a visual storyteller are grounded in a world that fully embraces VFX as a storytelling tool.  Bridging that knowledge with cinematography is where Virtual Production comes into play. 

Here’s some of the software I use:

Blender 2.9 / Cycles
CGI Generalist Work ︎︎︎
Shaders / Lighting / Kitbashing
Camera Animation
After Effects
Motion Design / Motion Graphics

Davinci Resolve
Color Grading
Film Print Emulation Workflow
(inspired by Steve Yedlin, ASC)
Unreal Engine
︎︎︎Lots of things